White Poppy

I’m sitting across from Crystal Dorval underneath a tree at Templeton Park. Not far from both our homes in Hastings-Sunrise, the final burst of summer…

Top Less

Exterior: the sound of thunder and a flash of lightning as Vancouver’s night sky presents another complementary performance. Interior: sound check for Top Less Gay…

Under Covers

When Juliana Moore returned to Vancouver from New York in December 2010 she moved into the Waldorf Hotel. The condition, set by her friends who…

The Courtneys

With Spice Girls stickers pasted decoratively on mirrors, ‘90s reflections were mired in pop sensationalism. The decade shrieked for girl power and the response came…

The Robot Ate Me

His musical project is called The Robot Ate Me, and after speaking with founder and frontman Ryland Bouchard, I wonder just what this robot left;…


The Reverend Al Green is not the sort of music one would expect to hear in the East Vancouver jam space of the six-headed beast…

War Baby

  “Big Daddy Cumbuckets … I have no fuckin’ idea who they were,” Kirby Fisher of Vancouver doom pop trio War Baby says, explaining his…

The Sunday Service

It turns out Canada’s next greatest export after Tim Horton’s and asbestos is improvised comedy. Attesting to this fact are the long and storied careers…

The Speechless Radio

Hold onto your hearts ladies and gentlemen, because d.i.y. nerd-rocker Michael Elder is here to steal them away. At 19, the Prince George import already…

The New Values

On a crisp October night, I wander the haunted streets of Railtown, guided by the ghosts of Vancouver punk rock past towards a mysterious unmarked…


The only genre tag on Watermelon’s Bandcamp page is pop. Not low-fi, or dream pop, or surf pop, although those descriptions would fit just as…

White Poppy

This Saturday night was a busy one. I hung out in a room, an art space, and a music area. I discussed songs, and examined…

The Critical Hit Show

A sure wave of the hand steadies the wobbly knees of your party behind you. Guards scoff at your credentials, slobber on grilled cheese, and…

V. Vecker Ensemble

  As this article goes to print, Vancouver will be wrapping up the 2012 International Jazz Festival. When I met up with Keith Wecker (a.k.a….


A year ago, interviewing Weed would have meant a one-on-one with Will Anderson and his tape deck, when the name was applied to his d.i.y….

The Ruffled Feathers

    Having converged on Vancouver from points east, west and south and boasting 15 cities of residence between the five of them, the Ruffled…

War Baby

  War Baby is a Vancouver-based trio that smells faintly similar to teen spirit. Don’t worry, they’re the first to admit that the Seattle sounds…


  2011 was a big year for Tyranahorse. Though online copies of their debut album, ghostwolfmotherhawk:prairieunicornlionlioness, surfaced in late 2010, the full-length was officially released…

The Parish of Little Clifton

  In my last visit to the rural community of Agassiz, the annual fall fair was in full swing: a tractor pull and traveling amusement…

Vacant State

  It’s an unlikely home for a hardcore band. La Casa del Artista first opened in 2006 for the purpose of showcasing live mariachi music….

The High Drops

The High Drops – These Kids It’s not often a band captures your heart right out of the gate; but the High Drops will. Born…

The Pack A.D.

Crazy Punky garage-blues duo the Pack A.D.’s latest release Unpersons (which is set for release September 13) will make you want to jump around and…

White Lung

Like Dad Amid a sea of insipid young rock bands, local punks White Lung are hoisting a Jolly Roger for dark and exciting music. Between…

The Albertans

The Wake OK The Albertans are a project pooling the collective and creative consciousness of five talented musicians who actually live outside the majestic province…

Welcome to Pine Point

In the National Film Board-produced interactive web documentary Welcome to Pine Point, Paul Shoebridge and Michael Simons, who make up the Vancouver graphic design team…

The Cave Singers

Seattle’s the Cave Singers have crafted hypntoic folk sounds since forming over four years ago, but the band got louder and more raucous for their…

Toro Y Moi

With a glut of acts flooding the market these days, there are bound to be countless bands that get swept under the rug. Only artists…

The Oh Wells

For many of us, high school was an awkward time of life. We crushed on the cutie in math class, ate too much poutine for…

Top 15 of 2010

As all good music journalists know, the end of the year means that it’s time to make a list of what was important that happened…

Tony Dallas

01 Reunited Tony Dallas is an excellent drummer. He plays with Boogie Monster, Fan Death, the SSRIs and even in the backing band for Hot…


While the majority of twenty-four-year-olds fall under the categories of unsure students and entry level employees, Nathan Williams is embracing a delayed adolescence: drinking, partying…

Sled Island: Day 4

Here it was, the final day of Sled Island. Our bodies beaten and complaining from the trudging through the sun, the steady flow of alcohol,…

Sled Island: Day 3

Before I get into what bands I saw on Day 3 of Sled Island, I would like to take a moment to talk to you…

Sled Island: Day 2

Canada Day, the second day of Sled Island, resulted in plenty of day parties with bands playing them. Many of them were free to non-pass…

The Shilohs

Recording an EP in a building that’s rumoured to be haunted in the middle of the night during a heat wave would tend to make…

Sled Island: Day 1

Discorder’s Editor, Jordie Yow, is sucking up all the Sled Island he can. Check discorder.ca everyday of the Festival (June 30-July 3) for his latest…

The Hero Show

On the first Tuesday of every month, Cam MacLeod hosts a tiny tribe of local comedians that veer not too far from the traditional menagerie…

The House of Yes

On a Sunday night in Vancouver, most streets are eerily quiet. But the half block around the Hennessey Restaurant on Broadway is wide awake. At…

The New Pornographers

Before Carl Newman was known as the de facto leader of the New Pornographers, one of the most acclaimed indie rock groups of the 21st…

Tyler Fedchuk

Chances are you’ve seen the carefully coiffed stache of Tyler Fedchuk behind the turntables. This man started up from nothing, and is now one of…

The Mental Beast

Conor Holler and Cameron Reed, sat outside the CiTR studio last month for their latest project, The Mental Beast, a 12-episode holiday-themed radio and video…

The Music Industry

Have you ever wanted to work in the music industry? To combine your business acumen and passion for music with scruffy haircuts, smelly vans, sticky…

Twenty Four Hours of Hell

If you are a lover of music then chances are you feel a special connection to live performance. There is something magical when experiencing live…

Todd Fancey

Todd Fancey has been performing in the Vancouver music scene for over a decade, playing in different bands and working on his solo project, releasing…

Unfamiliar Records

For an independent label that is basically a two-man show, Unfamiliar Records has been soaking up a lot of attention lately. With Pitchfork’s recent “Best…

The Constantines

Constantines stand out from most of their peers in the Pitchfork-approved, “major indie” world of rock music. They shun irony in favour of sincerity. In…

The Furies & D.O.A: Together Again

Great news: one of Vancouver’s first punk bands, the Furies, will open for DOA on February 10th at Richard’s on Richards. Furies’ frontman Chris Arnett…

Victoria, Victoria! & Pyramid Power

Victoria, Victoria! entered the contest determined to win, and their talent, tenacity, and sheer hunger for studio time helped them triumph over other bands who,…

Under Review

controller.controller X-Amounts (Paper Bag Records) Early success leads to expectation. Expectation leads to disappointment. Controller. Controller must regret having been so good so young. When…

The Roots of a Modern Dynasty

Music has its orthodox and its reformers. Every genre has those musicians and appreciators who are dedicated to defining the art form, positioning it within…

the feminists

Without a doubt, The Feminists are one of the busiest bands in town. You’ll be hard pressed to fi nd an act that plays as…

Textually Active

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Bryan Lee O’Malley Oni Press Publications Rock, romance, and ninjas! Scott Pilgrim gets ‘em all, even though he plays in…

The Art of Modern Rock

My first thought upon opening this gem was a particularly eloquent “Holy crap!” as my eyes bugged out at the art. It recurred after pretty…

Under Review

50 Foot Wave Golden Ocean (Throwing Music/4AD) So whose voice is that anyway? Growly, powerful, explosive, mined from the quarry and cannon-balled through a wall…

The Anomoanon Joji

The Anomoanon’s second offering of 2004, Joji is a decent enough album in the tradition of Neil Young, CSNY, and the Grateful Dead, etc, etc….

The Book of Lists

Back in the hazy days of summer ‘05, Vancouver style pioneer Brady Cranfield crashed his bike while riding home from work. As he flew through…

The Cinch

I overheard this conversation at the Piccadilly Pub during New Music West this year: “Did you manage to see The Cinch? I’ve never heard of…

Time Flies

Time Flies by Mark Fernandes When 10 musicians take the stage each night at the Western Front this month, the results will be unpredictable. Time…

Under Review

Texture & Light

The Hard Problem of Consciousness (Independent)

Twin Library

They Were Market As Targets (Independent)

The Binz

The Binz   (Rocktagon Recordings)

Various Artists

Vancouver Pop Alliance Compilation - Volume 3
(CiTR and Mint Records)


Nowhere 7"   (Kingfisher Bluez)

Two Fingers

Stunt Rhythms   (Paper Bag)

Wild Ways

Wild Ways   (Independent)

The Folk

Say It Again   (Independent)


Gun Control (Independent)

Various Artists

Bloodstains Across The Prairies
(Mammoth Cave Recording Co.)


…And Meet the Sun (Independent)

The Albertans

The Hunter EP (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)

The Ballantynes

“The Message” / “The Railtown Abbey” (La-Ti-Da)

Various Artists

Nite Prison: Studio Outtakes and Demos (Independent)

Wake! Owl

Wild Country (Independent)


Each Birth Is A New Disaster (Independent)

Thee AHs

Thee AHs Nation (Independent)

The Darcys

The Darcys (Arts & Crafts)

The Emetics

Lauds of Create (Discipline of Chaos Records)

The Jolts

8% (Haute Voltage/Sudden Death)

Total War

Demo Tape (Independent)


Unlearn (Deranged)

Various Artists

CiTR Pop Alliance Compilation Volume 2 (Mint Records)

Two Tears

Eat People (Kind Turkey Records)

The Radio Dept.

Passive Aggressive: Singles 2002-2010 (Labrador)


Don’t Go To School (Blocks Recording Club)

The Liptonians

Let’s All March Back Into The Sea (Head in the Sand)

The Go! Team

Rolling Blackouts (Memphis Industries)

The High Dials

Anthems for Doomed Youth (Rainbow Quartz)


ghostwolfmotherhawk: prairieunicornlionlioness (Independent)


Maniac Meat (Anticon)

The Brains

Zombie Nation (Stomp Records)

The Dø

A Mouthful (Six Degrees)


Chunked (Modica Music)

The Beige

El Angel Exterminador (Independent)


Remorsecapade (Paper Bag Records)

The Slew

100% (Puget Sound Recordings)

The Heavy

The House That Dirt Built (Ninja Tune)

The Fury

Truth Comes Out (Self-Released)

Various Artists

manoeuvres 3 - a collection of bc electronica (So Called Recordings)

The Reds

Early Nothing (Tarock Music)

The Perms

Keeps You Up When You’re Down (Hugtight Records)

The Hermit

Turn Up (The Stereo) (So Called Recordings)

The Walkmen

Man Man
 Richard’s on Richards August 29

TV on the Radio

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson Commodore Ballroom September 7

The Feminists

Can’t Scream Loud Enough [Independent]

The Pickups

Country Houses, City Streets [Beautifully Misguided Records]

The Yardbirds

Live At BB King Blues Club [Favoured Nations]


You Could Be [alien8 recordings]


Underground Kingz [Jive]

The 69 Eyes

Angels (Caroline Records/EMI Finland)

The Nein

Luxury (Sonic Unyon)

Wayne Petti

City Lights Align (Outside Records)

The Blankket

Be Your Own Boss / (Blocks Recording Club)

The Earlies

The Enemy Chorus (Secretly Canadian)

The Subhumans

New Dark Age Parade (G7 Welcoming Committee)

The Pipettes

We Are the Pipettes (Memphis Industries)


To Find Me Gone (Fatcat Records)

The Knife

Silent Shout (Rabid Records)

The Burdocks

What We Do Is Secret (Black Mountain Music)

Tommy Lee

TommyLand: The Ride (604 Records)

The Delgados

Universal Audio (Chemical Underground)

Tim Hus

Alberta Crude (Saved By Radio)

The Delgados

Universal Audio (Chemical Underground)

Real Live Action


with StarRO
July 6 @ Electric Owl

Twin Forks

with The Treasures and Washboard Union
November 26th @ The Baltimore Cabaret

The Zolas

with Hollerado, and PUP
November 14th @ The Commodore Ballroom

Thee Oh Sees

with OBN III's, and the Blind Shake
October 16 @ the Rickshaw Theatre

The Dodos

with Cousins
September 9th @ The Biltmore

The Evaporators

with Tough Age, and Thee Goblins
September 8th @ Astorino's

The Thermals

with Peace
April 26 @ Fortune Sound Club

The Passenger

with Von Bingen, Aerosol Constellations, and C. Diab. April 19 @ The New Red Gate

Tough Lovers

with We Need Surgery, and Elizabeth
April 11 @ The Biltmore

The Jolts

with The Courtneys, Nervous Talk, and Tough Age
Burger Records Revolution show
March 8 @ The Electric Owl

Twin Crystals

with Apollo Ghosts, Inherent Vices, Aquanaut, and Lié
February 15 @ The Astoria


with Gal Gracen, and Aaron Read
February 8 @ The Astoria

Thee Ahs

Future Without Her CD Release
with Classic Rick, and PUPS
February 2 @ Zoo Zhop

White Ash Falls

with Two Towns, Cloudsplitter, and The Wild North
September 27 @ The Biltmore Cabaret

Vancouver Folk Fest

The 35th Annual Vancouver Folk Music Festival
July 13-15 @ Jericho Beach

The Alaska

with Violet Age, and Swansona.
June 21 @ Joe’s Apartment.

White Lung

with B-Lines, Systematik, and Men at Adventure.
May 24 @ The Biltmore Cabaret.

Ty Segall

with White Fence, Nü Sensae, and Sex Church.
May 4 @ The Waldorf.


with Myths.
April 14 @ The Electric Owl.


with Teen Daze, We Were Lovers, and Peace.
March 29 @ Five Sixty.

Veronica Falls

with Bleached.
February 20th @ The Media Club.

The Tranzmitors

with Manic Attracts, and The Wild Ones.
January 14 @ Pat’s Pub.

The Oh Wells

with the Creaking Planks.
September 11 @ AGRO Café

Theremin Orchestra

at the Signal & Noise Festival, June 25th @ VIVO Media Arts Centre

Twin Crystals

with AHNA & Whip of the UFO, June 25 @ Pat's Pub

Timber Timbre

with Tasseomancy, June 1st @ The Vogue Theatre


with Aunts & Uncles, Vincent Parker, Red Hot Icicles Burning on Fire & Narwhal, May 27 @ The Cobalt


with Galgamex, Ancients & Hidden Towers, April 16 @ The Astoria

War Baby

with Eeek! & Web Sherriff, April 15 @ Princeton Pub

The Soft Moon

with Cosmetics, April 2 @ Waldorf Hotel

Toro Y Moi

with Braids & Teen Daze, March 28 @ Biltmore Cabaret

The Finches

with Rose Melberg & Unreliable Narrator, March 23 @Nyala African Restaurant

Wild Nothing

with Cosmetics, February 28 @ Biltmore Cabaret

The Blow

with Sonny & the Sunsets, February 5 @ Biltmore Cabaret


January 24 @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Tim Hecker

with Loscil, November 19 @ Western Front

The Books

with the Black Heart Procession, December 6 @ Vogue Theatre

Thee Oh Sees

with Dead Ghosts, November 19 @ Biltmore Cabaret

Toro Y Moi

with Nosaj Thing & Jogger, November 17 @ Biltmore Cabaret

The Soft Pack

with Kurt Vile and the Violators, November 5 @ Biltmore Cabaret

The National

with the Walkmen, September 9 @ Malkin Bowl

Vampire Weekend

with Beach House & Dum Dum Girls, August 27 @ Malkin Bowl


with The Donkeys & Josiah Wolf, May 27 @ Biltmore Cabaret

The Antlers

with Phantogram, May 4 @ Biltmore Cabaret

The xx

April 13 @ Commodore Ballroom

The Pack AD

with Sex With Strangers & The Angry Dragons, April 23 @ Biltmore Cabaret

The Sadies

March 20 @ The Centre for Digital Media


February 13 @ David Lam Park

Vivian Girls

with Best Coast & Cosmetics, February 12 @ Biltmore Cabaret


with Vincent Parker, November 28 @ Biltmore Cabaret

The Intelligence

with Twin Crystals & White Lung, December 8 @ Fortune Sound Club

The Books

November 25 @ Vancouver East Cultural Centre

The Clips

July 24 @ The Astoria

The Weakerthans

with The Constantines
May 1 @ the Commodore Ballroom

Vivian Girls

with Abe Vigoda & White Lung
April 29 @ the Biltmore Cabaret


October 11 @ Commodore Ballroom

The Frames

March 10 @ Richard’s on Richards


Saturday, August 31 & Sunday, September 1 @ Commodore Ballroom

The Dears

November 29 @ Picadilly Pub