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The Liptonians

Let’s All March Back Into The Sea (Head in the Sand)

Review By Katherine Boothroyd

You Know I Did
Let’s All March Back Into The Sea is the second offering from the Winnipeg-based Liptonians, and on it, founding members Matt Schellenberg and Bucky Driedger have surrounded themselves with a roster of various other musicians. This revolving door-policy gives their music a wonderful depth that is both engaging and stimulating. “Growing Old in the City” is a swaying, drunken mess of a song that conjures up memories of stumbling home after a night on the sauce. “The Privatest Parts” is a lovely, dream-like track with divine vocals courtesy of Driedger. The final track, “March Back Into The Sea” has a similar feel to The National, with it’s epic piano based soundscape.

Let’s All March Back Into The Sea oscillates between beautiful pop-driven melodies and raucous mash-ups, but it always maintains an element of integrity. It’s a pleasure to listen to. The tiny nuances found within each song are a trainspotter’s delight. See if you can figure out which track features the sound of a railroad spike (and no cheating by looking at

the album notes). This is the band to get into before all your friends do.