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CiTR is a radio station! So you can host a radio show!

Radio is 24/7, 365 days a year and our grid has shows that cover everything from local news, to pop, to jazz, to accessibility issues, to metal, and pretty much everything in between! Get a show and talk about whatever you want, as long as you care about it.

We broadcast in several different languages and train you on how to do everything! No experience necessary!

Host a show!

Here are the steps to getting a show…

Join a collective!

Our radio collectives are shows hosted by a group of volunteers. You can practice all the steps that go into making a radio show with the support of volunteers with similar interests and passions

Our collectives cover local news, arts, accessibility, sports, music affairs, and more! Email spokenword@citr.ca for more info.

Who to contact!

Programming Manager – Ciara, programming@citr.ca

Discorder Magazine

Discorder Magazine is a bi-monthly arts-and-culture magazine that’s 100% written by volunteers!

And we publish it all, baby! You can…

…review albums, podcasts, films, or live shows
…write an op-ed on something you’re passionate about!
…feature a local artist!
…get your illustrations published!
…do a photoshoot with Vancouver’s hottest up-and-coming stars!

Write for Discorder!

Make art with Discorder!

Real Live Action
Go to a (live) show of your choice and write a review of your night! Plus you get to go for free so… Discorder’s pages are filled with beautiful illustrations done by volunteers from UBC and greater Vancouver’s art community
Under Review
Listen to an album, read a book, or enjoy a podcast and let the world know what you think Take photographs of events, workshops, or featured artists and we’ll print them!
Web exclusives
Is graphic design your passion?
We’re in a digital age and sometimes we don’t have room to print everything we want to cover, especially in a timely way. Get your voice out there ASAP with a web exclusive We have a small team of Production Assistants who work with the Art Coordinator to layout the magazine, design social media campaigns, make posters for upcoming events, and more…
Discorder covers everything from album releases to current events
Meet some of Vancouver’s heavy hitters, build your writing skills, and practice working with a publication

Who to contact!

Discorder Editor in Chief – Tasha, editor.discorder@citr.ca

Art Coordinator – Ricky, artcoordinator@citr.ca


CiTR & Discorder host shows throughout the year like…

Victory Square Block Party
Fundrive Finale
Hosted every Labour Day Weekend at Victory Square with Megaphone Magazine! Our annual Battle of the Bands! A celebration of the end of our annual fundraiser week: Fundrive!

Volunteers can help with setting up the equipment, doing sound tech, and interviewing the bands!

Who to contact!

Music & Volunteer Manager – Aisia, hello@citr.ca

General info

Broadcasting from the unceded, ancestral, and traditional land of the hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓ speaking Musqueam people, CiTR 101.9FM is the student radio voice of the University of British Columbia

CiTR & Discorder exists to

  • Provide community access to media opportunities and space for underrepresented voices,
  • Create alternative and locally-based content, and
  • Empower UBC students and community members through training and participation in the media.

Student Executive!

CiTR & Discorder is the only student-run campus radio station in Canada! The Student Executive is a group of dedicated UBC students who help with station governance and student & community outreach. It’s a great opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at station events, projects, and day-to-day operations

Who to contact!

Station Manager – Jasper, stationmanager@citr.ca
President – Harmela, president@citr.ca
Vice President – Alex, vp@citr.ca