Welcome to CiTR 101.9 FM/Discorder Magazine! Volunteering with us is the best way to get involved in radio and publishing! Volunteers can host radio shows, produce PSAs and radio content, help with live broadcasts, dig around our music archive, contribute to the magazine, and more. Volunteer opportunities are open to both UBC students and community members, and we would love to have you!

These take place ~ virtually ~ on weekdays at 12:00PM. Please sign up on this sheet. Alternative times can be arranged with Jamie outreachcoordinator@citr.ca .

Your membership will give you access to workshops and training, equipment privileges, access to our music library and studios, the ability to go on the airwaves and get published, plus the opportunity to get tickets to awesome events and concerts! Sign up on djland.citr.ca !

1 Become a member

Annual Fee
$10 for UBC Students
$35 for Community Members ($30 for renewal)
Payment can be made on Square .


⇝ ⇝ Join our community server on Discord ⇜ ⇜



After you’ve become a CiTR member, you can begin the process of getting on the radio! We’re always working to get students and community members on air to broadcast the things they care about. Contact programming@citr.ca if you have any questions about show requirements or pitches.

2 Get on air

The sign-up forms, which include info about time and instructor, can be found just outside of Studio B in the station! Training sessions must be done in the following order:

Technical Training how to operate the equipment that we use to broadcast talk and music
Production Training how to make any kind of content for the airwaves, from music to interviews, live broadcasts and pre-recorded audio
Programming Training an overview of CRTC guidelines and CiTR’s own standards for producing great radio that reflects our mandate

We want you to produce a PSA to practice the skills you have learned before you get to the point of making a new radio show demo.

Get in touch with any of our current programmers via their Show Page! Pick a show that you might like to emulate, i.e. if you’d like to host a talk show, sit in on a spoken word program. A sit-in will help you learn what a successful broadcast looks like and give you an opportunity to get valuable pointers from the pros.

Use one of our open time slots to practice your radio skills on the air. You can book a Fill In here or contact our Programming Executive for more information.

Do you have a show idea? Now’s the time to make it happen. Talk to our Madeline, our Programming Manager, to develop your show and get started making a demo.

Once you know the ropes, you can make your 30 minute show demo! The demo should be a mini version of your full show (a music show should include at least 10 songs). Be sure to comply with our standards when making your demo: it will be reviewed by the Programming Manager and Programming Committee to make sure it’s right for CiTR’s airwaves.

Indigenous (Currently inactive)

3 Indigenous Collective

The Indigenous Collective produces the show ‘Unceded Airwaves‘ which centers the voices of Indigenous people and contends with the key issues and questions in the First Nations and Indigenous Studies faculty at UBC. Contact collective coordinator Autumn Schnell at indigenouscollective@citr.ca to learn more.

4 Accessibility Collective

We produce ‘All Access Pass‘ which explores issues of inclusion, equity, and accessibility for people with diverse cognitive and physical abilities, on campus and beyond. Contact collective coordinator Deepi Leihl at accessibilitycollective@citr.ca to learn more.

5 Gender Empowerment Collective

The Gender Empowerment Collective produces the show ‘Intersections‘ which examines intersectional feminism through a local lens. Contact collective coordinator Randi Papworth at genderempowerment@citr.ca to learn more.

6 News Collective

The News Collective produces the show ‘Democracy‘ Watch. Our mandate is to provide meaningful coverage of marginalized communities and diverse issues throughout the Lower Mainland. Democracy Watch airs independent and adversarial content, both originally reported and adapted for radio. Contact collective coordinator Isaac You at spokenword@citr.ca to learn more.

7 Arts Collective

We produce the show ‘The Arts Report‘ which covers local arts events at UBC and in Vancouver, including film, theatre, art galleries and more. Contact collective coordinator Serra at arts@citr.ca to learn more.

8 Sports Collective

The Sports Collective produces the show ‘Thunderbird Eyea‘ which covers UBC Thunderbird games including volleyball, basketball and hockey, and offers experience in sports journalism and colour commentary. Contact collective coordinator Jake at sports@citr.ca to learn more.

UBC Affairs (Inactive)

9 UBC Affairs Collective

The UBC Affairs Collective produces the show ‘The UBC Happy Hour‘ which focuses on hyper-local news coverage at UBC, in addition to exploring broader issues that affect UBC communities directly. Contact collective coordinator Alex Lenz at ubcaffairs@citr.ca to learn more.

10 Music Affairs Collective

The Music Affairs Collective is for those interested in all things music – from live performances to archiving to getting involved with the local Vancouver music scene. Join the collective to hang out with like-minded music-obsessed folks! Contact collective coordinator Maya & Finn at musicaffairs@citr.ca to learn more.

CiTR makes ads and PSAs that promote community events, organizations, and local issues and we’re always looking for people to write scripts, lend their voice, or get practice editing pieces. PSA stands for “Public Service Announcement”, if someone pays for a PSA, it is no longer a PSA, but instead a paid advertisement. PSA’s are composed of a short message, communicated by voice. There are often sound effects, music, and other sounds layered underneath the vocals to add texture, intrigue, or to make a PSA memorable. Email our Production Coordinator at psas@citr.ca for more info on how to get involved.

Live Remote Broadcasts are real time radio content events that are broadcast from anywhere that isn’t Studio A.

11 Discorder cover

We’re always looking for writers, illustrators and photographers, and no previous experience is needed. Discorder now covers local music, visual art, creative writing, filmmaking, community organizing, and so much more. Contact editor.discorder@citr.ca for information on the current issue and how to get started.

Writing is the most obvious way you can get involved with Discorder. You can pitch a story or submit an event or album to be reviewed and you don’t need to have any experience! The involvement process is as follows:

  • Attend the monthly Contributor’s meeting.
  • Write 2-3 Real Live Action, Under Review, or Web Exclusive columns.

12 RLA

Review local live music concerts, emerging comedy, and independent theatre. Contact rla.discorder@citr.ca for for information on how to get involved. If you want a show reviewed, email rla.discorder@citr.ca 4-6 weeks in advance. Real Live Action reviews can be read here.

Review local and national albums of any genre, independent films, books by small publishers, and relevant podcasts. Reviews are published online throughout the month, and a condensed list of reviews are published in every issue of Discorder. Contact ur.discorder@citr.ca for more information on how to get involved. If you want your album/film/book/podcast reviewed, send it to the station before the release date or send a digital copy to ur.discorder@citr.ca. Under Review can be read here.

You can get your article, interview, or debut published directly to the website throughout the month. These usually feature a timely event or content with a media component, like and audio clip or album stream. Contact webeditor.discorder@citr.ca for more information or to pitch a piece. Approximately 2-4 Exclusives are posted per month and you can read them here.

13 Hot Heads

If you have something to rant/rave about, you can publish that here! You can email your hot takes to editor.discorder@citr.ca with ‘Hot Head’ in the subject line. By submitting a Hot Head, you are consenting to have your words in print and online. These can be published anonymously as well. Previous Hot Heads can be read here.

14 No Fun Fiction

A few times a year we publish original short-fiction pieces by emerging local writers! You can email your submissions to editor.discorder@citr.ca with “No Fun Fiction” in the subject line.

CiTR/Discorder just got a brand new Media Lab! We need help formatting issues of Discorder as well as contributing illustrations and photographs to articles, and training other Production Assistants on photo and film editing software.

Learn all that you need to know about publication layout, photo and film editing, and

15 Illustrate for Discorder

We accept all styles of drawing, collaging and mark-making for illustrations in Discorder. If you would like to contribute visual art to the magazine and join the assignment list, email your portfolio to the Art Coordinator at artcoordinator@citr.ca.

16 Photograph for Discorder

We need editorial and portrait photographers for features, columns and web exclusives, and live event photographers for Real Live Action. No previous experience necessary! No camera? No problem! CiTR/Discorder members can rent one. Email the Art Coordinator at artcoordinator@citr.ca for more info on how to get involved.

We get about a bin a day of physical music and even more if you count digital submissions! All of this needs to be listened to, reviewed, and added to our database for programmers to play on air. Email our Music Department Manager at music@citr.ca to get listening!


We are always hosting shows and bands at the station and around the city including Shindig, our annual Battle of the Bands. We need volunteers to help set up the sound, interview the bands on air, and just watch the music! Email our Music Department Manager at music@citr.ca for more information.

You can also table at events that we sponsor! Email our Sponsorship Coordinator at sponsorship@citr.ca to attend events for free and represent CiTR/Discorder! It’s first-come-first-serve so don’t hesitate!

More info coming soon!

Email Jamie at outreachcoordinator@citr.ca if you have any questions