On-Air Line

(604)-822-CITR (2487)

Office Line



LL500 6133 University Blvd. Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1 Canada

CiTR & Discorder Staff

Station Manager

Ana Rose Carrico

(604) 822-1242
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-5pm

Program Manager

Madeline Taylor

(604) 822-4328
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-6pm

Technical Manager

Tanner McColeman

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 12pm-5pm

Discorder Magazine Editor-in-Chief & Advertising Coordinator

Tasha Hefford

Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday 10:30am-5pm

Music Department Manager

Jasper Sloan Yip

Office Hours:

Monday 9am-4pm

Wednesday-Friday 9am-4pm

Volunteer Manager & Social Media Coordinator

Dora Dubber

(604) 822-8648

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-6pm

Art Coordinator

Ricky Castanedo-Laredo

Office Hours: Monday-Tuesday 10am-5pm

Real Live ActionUnder Review Column Editor

Jasper Wrinch

Production Coordinator

Lee Joyce

Office Hours: Monday-Tuesday 9am-5pm

Technical Assistant

Patrick Lee

Administration Coordinator

Angela Nguyen

Accessibility Policy Development Assistant

Staci Mannella

Student Executives

Governance, events and projects


Alec Christensen

Vice President

Aisia Witteveen

Business Manager

Kelli Stensen

Programming Executive

Sara Carbone

Music Executive

Isaac Koenig Workman

Volunteer Executive

Bryna Turk

Discorder Magazine Executive

Dan Miller

Spoken Word Executive

Violet Myles

Promotions Executive

Ciaran Scanlon

Events Executive

Sasha Balazic

New Media Executive

Meryl Stephens

Photography & Video Executive

Vihaan Soni


Sinead Tebbutt

Collective Coordinators

In alphabetical order

Accessibility Collective Coordinator

Deepi Leihl

All Access Pass – Wednesdays at 3pm (biweekly)

Arts Collective Coordinator

Lua Presidio

Arts Report – Wednesdays at 5pm

Gender Empowerment Collective Coordinator

Areej Fatima

Indigenous Collective Coordinator

Sage Broomfield

Unceded Airwaves – Wednesdays at 2pm (biweekly)

LGBTQ2SIA+ Collective Coordinator

Moe Yang

Music Collective Coordinator

Isaac Koenig-Workman

Word on the Street – Fridays at 5pm

Persons of Colour Collective Coordinator

Danyal Tariq


Sports Broadcast Coordinator

Jacob Aere

Thunderbird Eye – Thursdays at 9am

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