Address + Phone

On-Air Line (604)-822-CITR (2487)

Office Line (604)-822-8648

Address LL500 6133 University Blvd. Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1 Canada

CiTR/Discorder Staff

Station Manager
Ana Rose Carrico

(604) 822-1242
Office Hours Mon-Fri 10-5PM

Discorder Editor-in-Chief
Brit Bachmann

Office Hours Tues/Thurs 12-5PM

Program Manager
Madeline Taylor

(604) 822-4328
Office Hours Mon-Fri 11-6PM

Music Department Manager
Myles Black

(604) 822-8733
Office Hours Mon-Thurs 10-4PM

Volunteer Manager
Dora Dubber

(604) 822-8648
Office Hours Mon-Thurs 12-5PM

Art Coordinator
Ricky Castanedo-Laredo

Office Hours Mon-Wed 10-5PM

Advertising + Distribution Coordinator
Audrey MacDonald

(604) 822-5334

Current Affairs Coordinator
Alex de Boer

Office Hours Mon-Thurs 11-6PM

Technical Manager
Saman Gharib

Office Hours Mon/Wed/Fri 12-7PM

Social Media + Online Communications Coordinator
/ Under Review Editor
Sydney Ball /

Technical Coordinator
Jonathan Harris

Office Hours Tues/Thurs 12-3PM

Sponsorship Coordinator

Office Hours Mon-Fri 3:30-5PM

Production Coordinator

Office Hours Tues/Wed 12-1PM Fri 3-5PM

Admin Coordinator
Halla Bertrand

Office Hours Mon/Wed/Fri 12-3PM

Real Live Action Editor
Jasper D Wrinch

Collective Coordinators

UBC Affairs Coordinator
Alex Lenz Office
Hours Tues/Thurs/Fri 11:30-5PM

Sports Broadcast Coordinator
Jacob Aere

Office Hours Mon/Wed 1-2PM

Gender Empowerment Collective Coordinator
Mel Woods
Office Hours Tues/Thurs/Fri 1-3PM

Indigenous Collective Coordinator
Autumn Schnell

Office Hours Mon/Tues/Fri 12-3PM

Access Collective Coordinator
Dezy Nair

Office Hours Mon/Wed 1-3PM

Music Affairs Coordinator
Eric Cauril

Student Executive

Governance, events and projects

Kelli Stenson

Vice President
Danielle Andriulaitis

Promotions Executive

Discorder Executive

Volunteer Executive

Programming Executive

Music Executive

Photography and Video Executive

Spoken Word Executive

Indigenous Liason
Laura Beaudry

Exec at Large

Events Coordinator