Shindig 35 Line Up!

*UPDATE* The schedule has shifted a bit. Read the final line up below. We’re stoked to announce the line up of this year’s battle of…

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Spencer Latu Show

#21 Police, BDS, Wildfires

Crimes And Treasons

Crimes & Treasons - Suzka Mares

Flex Your Head

Nov. 13 2018


Electoral Diversity - Panel Discussion

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Electoral Diversity - Panel Discussion

Deliberate Noise

I like birds but they scare me

The Morning After Show

Novermber 13th

Pacific Pickin’

Artist Feature - In Memoriam for Bill Hicks

Real Live Action

Glam Fest 2018

w/ Eric Campbell & the Dirt, Rambone & the Wet Reality, Terrifying Girls' High School, Alien Boys, Prxncxss Aprntly, Spesh Pep, Bored D├ęcor

Pugs & Crows

w/ Malcolm Jack, Roxanne Nesbitt (visuals)

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The Jazz Show

Trumpeter Ted Curson: "Live at La Tete De L'Art

Exploding Head Movies

XHM #432 - "Angels on a sole survivor's shoulder" (2018 November 12)

Parts Unknown

uncle arthur uncle arthur

Breakfast With The Browns

Lest We Forget....What War Really Means.