Under Review

The Stolen Organ Family Band

Baby Bucket Slops (Babynuts Records)

Review By Justin Langille

Like so many other outsider musicians, The Stolen Organ Family Band define themselves against their mainstream peers by keeping it straight-up weird. Hailing from Kelowna, B.C. this three-piece has put together a debut that is equal parts sonic slop-fest and well conceived album. From the abrasive guitar squawks of “Allo Hezus Locale” to the odd jangling hooks of mega-cute ditty “Hans,” Baby Bucket Slops revels in the off-key singing, twisted blues and lofi hum that characterize most zealous garage band experiments. The arrangement and musicality of the songs hold their frail structures together in a way that smacks definitively of Ween, or the odd orchestral folk of the Magical String Band. The trio do play mostly within the vein of rock, but manage to traverse through diverse territory, such as hollering mangled ballad that is “Special Boy,” or near up-tempo punk, like “The Beast is Wild!.” Despite a couple of drawn out numbers, and demo quality cover art, The Stolen Organ kids have etched out an admirable draft of their vision that promises great things for the future.