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The Rural Alberta Advantage

Departing (Paper Bag Records)

Review By Katherine Boothroyd

The Deadroads
Departing is the follow up to the Rural Alberta Advantage’s successful debut Hometowns. With band leader Nils Edenloff firmly at the helm, the indie three piece deliver a wonderful record. Despite being based in Toronto, their sound has that West Coast-feel. “Stamp” is an absolute standout. Between some superbly frenetic drumming courtesy of Paul Banwatt and Amy Cole’s gorgeously cooed back up vocals, the track practically jumps out of the speakers. “North Star” is a beautiful track that is its own quiet revolution. Edenloff’s vocals become an instrument of their own, guiding the song to epic heights.

Overall, Departing is a slow build. It demands a few listens and a certain level of attention to be fully appreciated, but it is worth it. They will be heading West to Vancouver, playing at The Venue on April 7, and from all accounts they put on a red hot show. If Departing is an accurate depiction of the talents of The Rural Alberta Advantage, it will be well worth checking them out.