Real Live Action


October 11 @ Commodore Ballroom

Review By Michael Shantz

Turbonegro will make you cry. Why you ask? Because you will realize that you’re never going to be as awesome or rock as hard as them in your entire life.
Before the show even started you could feel the energy of the fans as they thanked god that in 2002 the band rejoined after a confusing and unwanted breakup and that now they were about to rip up a Vancouver stage. Considering it was their first time playing the city, they played like it was a hometown show, opening with “All My Friends Are Dead” and forcing the crowd into a swarm of denim and sailor hats. The Commodore Ballroom quickly became a sweaty mess, and I’m not sure about everyone else, but I got an erection.

After the song, the ever so elegant and well-spoken Hank Von Helvete began to tell us all that while playing the show in Seattle the night previous, he told the American fans that Vancouver fans were way better and that we had better prove him right, which I hope we did.

The band sounded amazing—every song packed full of more grinding and homoerotic power stances than one could usually handle. But when watching a band like this, you can’t ever get enough.