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CiTR Pop Alliance Compilation Volume 2 (Mint Records)

Review By Katherine Boothroyd

The CiTR Pop Alliance Compilation Volume 2 features 11 of Vancouver’s best loved groups and is a great introduction to the current Vancouver indie scene.

Apollo Ghosts kicks things off with their trademark pop melodies on “Validation!” Totally cute—and if you haven’t seen them live, you should. Slam Dunk’s “Slowdance” is anything but slow, with guitar riffs flying atop the group’s screamed, rockabilly refrain of “My baby baby wanna slow dance / But I never wanna slow down!” It’s the perfect track to listen to before a big night out. Spring Break’s “Stephanie Meyer’s 115th Dream” is a seriously creepy little number that uses samples from the film Let the Right One In and enough macabre synth action to give you nightmares. Former members of the Choir Practice feature on tracks by Kellarissa, Shane Turner Overdrive and Fanshaw, while other contributors to the collection include Role Mach, My Friend Wallis and even a couple of demo tracks from surfy outfit Watermelon (think Best Coast) and the minimal dulcet tones of No Kids.

There is also some synth on here for all those kids embracing the ‘80s right now (looking in your direction Fine Mist).

It would be impossible to get every great Vancouver band on one collection, but the CiTR Pop Alliance Compilation Volume 2 still comes across as a great time capsule of what some innovative local artists were up to in 2011. If you’re lucky, there may be a few vinyl copies of the compilation up for grabs at your favourite vinyl shop on Record Store Day, April 16.