Under Review

The Nix Dicksons

The Giraffe (Independent)

Review By Gracelle Bonifacio

After achieving success landing amongst X92.9 FM’s top ten Canadian Indie Releases of 2009 with their debut EP, as well as slowly taking over both Canadian and American broadcasts, the folks from the Nix Dicksons are well on their way. They have created a strong following of progressive, indie beach bums with their latest 2010 offering The Giraffe. This latest release from the Nix Dicksons reflects their relatively unconventional upbringing as a group that refuses to be pigeon-holed into one particular musical genre. Each track attempts to create a hybrid love-child of something that could be defined as a little “punk-esque,” or “folk-like.” Regardless, the assortment of styles the album holds is like discovering the genetic jackpot (music wise) for something absolutely gorgeous. The first track, fittingly entitled “Small Town Heart,” lays on plenty of harmonica and strong steady guitar riffs, serving as a blissful opening number. The momentum and energy is strung throughout the entire six track album, which is consistently upbeat, containing rapid-fire tempo and short and sweet melodies. The variety of vocals found in each track, with some containing punk laden influences, while others remain relatively “folk-esque,” leaves no listener out of the loop. While tracks in the self-released EP are relatively shorter in length, the harmonious amalgamation of different instruments and styles is a perfect channel to release any pent up ADD vying to be freed since that seven month binge of lectures and seminars most of us had to experience this year. The Giraffe serves as the ultimate indie summer album and a summer necessity next to your sun block. This is the kind of stuff that makes you want to drop the convertible soft top and take a drive to nowhere, just so the album can play through.