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Thunderheist (Big Dada)

Review By E. E. Mason

Plenty of booty gets shaken in the course of this album. Thunderheist is comprised of rapper Isis, and techno/dance/electro wizard, Grahm Zilla, and this combination of talent results in the kind of sound you might expect if Missy Elliott teamed up with Woodhands. While that sounds like an unholy mixture, it works disturbingly well, and after shows on three continents, the Montreal/Toronto duo have had plenty of opportunity to perfect their sound before releasing it in the form of their self-titled debut album.

Their formula is pretty consistent across the album’s 13 tracks—old school rap vocals paired with high-voltage electronica—resulting in something even better than the sum of its parts, and guaranteed to have everyone within a mile of the source getting down and shakin’ it. This is one of those albums that you instantly want to experience live. Admittedly, it’s good enough coming through the headphones (although the unvaried style drags a little towards the end), but it lacks something—a good live venue with a deafening sound system, a careless eye on closing time and a dance-floor packed with screaming, sweaty people—which is exactly where this music is at home.