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The Wind Whistles

Animals Are People Too (Independent)

Review By L.E. Portelance

Love, nature and being a genuinely rad person seem to be the gist of Animals Are People Too from this Coquitlam-based duo. The album starts off with charismatic and catchy tracks about keeping it real in “Turtle,” “Judo” and “House for a Mouse.” These tracks feature some delightful drumming and a bouncing bass that fosters folksy lyrics, an acoustic and electric guitar into a pleasant pop package while, “Making Your Own Stuff” and “Sleeping Lions,” promote a message of cultivating a harmonious ecological consciousness. This message becomes dormant in “Bats in Flight” and “The Sun” as the subject matter focuses on life and love. The theme of love continues on “The Fish and the Worm,” a well told story of a relationship on the rocks, when someone realizes the other is putting the kibosh on it. During the song the counterbalance between the duo’s voices is fully realized, and the Wind Whistles catch sail and set course for excellence.

the wind whistles / animals are people too
the wind whistles / animals are people too