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Thunderbirds Are Now! You Say Party! We Say Die!

October 7th @ Richard’s On Richards

Review By Dana Silk

Expectations were running high. It was Friday night, and there was some dancing to be done. Michigan’s Thunderbirds Are Now! were sharing the bill with Vancouver natives You Say Party! We Say Die! and between the two bands, there were already three exclamation points. Obviously, some serious good times were in order.

Thunderbirds Are Now! were already playing by the time I showed up. I got a little worried, thought maybe this early show thing at Richard’s was being taken a little too far, but as it turns out, I walked in during their first song. The band was already rocking right out, and the crowd was keeping right up. These boys’ pants were so tight that you could tell what kind of underwear they were sporting—boxer-briefs, mostly—and we all know pants that tight promise some serious good times. Scott Allen was rocking two sets of keys like the ninja he is, and the boys were all taking proper advantage of their surroundings, dancing on PAs, riling up the crowd, and generally having a good time. The general fun-time-party-feeling only intensified as Allen disappeared into the back room, only to reemerge wearing a gas mask and sheriff’s hat. He proceeded to pull out his imaginary gun (presumably of the laser variety) and shoot up the place, climbing up from the stage to the balcony level, making sure that everybody was a part of excitement. He even ran into the men’s room instead of going straight for the stairwell—it was awesome.

I don’t even know what to say, except that if you haven’t seen You Say Party! We Say Die! yet, then you probably should. These kids will be up there having a good time, and you won’t even be able to help yourself; you’ll be right there with them dancing your little heart out. You might be a bit bummed that at their next show, Thunderbirds Are Now! won’t jump up on stage with them and join in for a few songs, but rest assured, somebody else probably will.