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The Sadies

Darker Circles (Yep Roc)

Review By Nikaiya Tremblay

Listen to Another Year Again

What do you get when you mix elements of classic country, new artistic instrumentation and lyrics reminiscent of garage and folk rock? The answer to this question surfaces upon the very first listen to the Sadies’ latest offering, < > Darker Circles. Since their first major album release in 2005, the band has matured and developed their style to achieve a sonic formula that is quite unique.

The culmination of the band’s technical skill is the most striking feature, although it might not be for every person with country inclinations. With many catchy guitar riffs, and multiple instrumental solos throughout the album, it is sure to catch the ears of any guitar and bass enthusiast. Mike Belltsky also does a very good job keeping the beat driving the forward, making even the slowest songs seem like they are going somewhere.

“Another Year Again,” the first track on the album, is a great example of the strong vocal presence of Dallas and Travis Good, brothers and guitarists for the Toronto-based outfit. The lyrics used in the album are not the most thought-provoking, but they catch you enough to keep you listening.

The talented musicians that make up the Sadies should be commended for their musical excellence in Darker Circles.