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The Fury

Truth Comes Out (Self-Released)

Review By Nathaniel Bryce

The Fury - Truth Comes Out
The Fury - Truth Comes Out

The Fury is a local unsigned rock band, fronted by a lady with plenty of hooks, power chords and other tricks that certainly appeal to fans of the hard rock bar scene. Chase Patterson is at the helm offering a wicked set of pipes and more than just a pretty face. She’s backed up by a band that’s tight, chunky and in charge: the Fury may just have the guts to make a name for themselves in a burgeoning scene full of pretty polished poster children. The album’s intro and title track is pretty driving and then leads into “Beauty Queen,” a bubble gum song with lyrics alluding to the typical story of a sex symbol starlet burning out and getting lost in “the scene.” It’s a call out to women taking their power back in a male dominated industry, which is noble enough—even though the liner notes feature Chase looking a bit sex symbol-ish, midriff bared, hips flared and lips pouting.

“Again” is nice in its power ballad-like delivery and it stinks of single status. But the rest, though decent enough, is pretty coloured by numbers radio rock. The truth about Truth Comes Out is that it’s easily marketable hard rock for the masses that could do well with proper radio play and crafty PR. In the end, not terrible, but not very ground breaking either.