Under Review

The Laundronauts

Come Clean (Spincycle Records)

Review By Douglas Mackenzie

Imagine, if you will, standing on a black background, three men in spotless white suits, eyes round and black in white-rimmed sunglasses, faces forbiddingly expressionless like those of soldiers or gangsters. These are the Laundronauts. The music is garage-rock, full of fuzzy guitars, ‘50s style backup vocals and dirty bass. It is raucous but focused, especially on those instrumental surf-rock tracks that showcases the band’s musical presence, making sure you know they can rock out even without their chosen lyrical theme, which is laundry.

Yup, laundry. Their songs are about the lonely spin cycle of love, the charms of lovely Launder-Annette and trying to keep clean in such a dirty world. With some bands of this ilk, things get gimmicky, but listening to the album, it’s easy to just enjoy the rock ‘n’ roll and have the occasional chuckle at the lyrics. Really, they’re like a giant washing machine of kickassery whomping and rattling around the stage, and one wouldn’t hesitate to witness their fury live.