Under Review

The Emetics

Lauds of Create (Discipline of Chaos Records)

Review By Cail Judy

Lauds of Create is a sonic thunderstorm, an album ready to pounce into your skull and beat you senseless. Kedrick James and Donald Klassen make up the Vancouver-based duo, whose new disc is comprised of four noise compositions.

Opener “Lost Saws” features jarring vocal samples intermingled with dissonant feedback. In the middle of the track, a beat is about to form and take control, but it dies out, descending into white-noise that sounds like the black box of a UFO going down in flames.

The Emetics have been crafting their digital compositions since the early ‘00s. They’ve released a staggering 85+ albums, both online and in physical form. They experiment with sound in a manner that does not create an escapist mentality, but instead cultivates a world of sonic displeasure, evoking images of dirty alleys, barren deserts and haunted carnivals. “Position Gratified,” for instance, is an almost nine-minute track of echoing vocals and eerie chimes. Around the six minute mark, high-pitched R2-D2 squeals are thrown into the mix. It’s as though you’re in the mind of a computer processing thoughts of murder.

If you are a fan of bold, electronic instrumental The Emetics will be right up your alley. You won’t be throwing this on at any party, unless you’re DJing in purgatory. Lauds of Create is the soundtrack to the worst nightmare you’ve ever had. James and Klassen’s ability to draw out deep-seeded emotions through dissonant sounds is truly a gift worth checking out.