Under Review

Tommy Lee

TommyLand: The Ride (604 Records)

Review By Daniel McCash

Sitting here in my mustard yellow Converse shoes, Sufjan Stevens concert shirt, and dark-rimmed ‘Rivers Cuomo’ glasses, I had an epiphany—I’m not the right person to be reviewing TommyLand: The Ride. So I gave the disc to my brother—a 19-year-old football junkie with an affinity for ‘80s rock bands like Mötley Crüe and G’n’R. So here was his verdict: the record was produced in affiliation with Vancouver’s 604 Records, so it pretty much sounds like everything that Chad Kroeger touches: Chad Kroeger. With enough guest appearances on this album to make even Santana blush, Lee has no shortage drawing from his arsenal of celebrity friends for support (Dave Navarro, Joel Madden, and Nick Carter to name a few). But in my opinion, bad is still bad… no matter who attaches their name to it. Best track: “I Need You” —a power ballad, and the one track devoid of Lee’s vocal stylings, but replaced rather by Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate. Worst track: the soft-rock, “California Dreams”-esque single “Good Times”.