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Vancouver’s Punk As Fuck Vol.2 (Independent)

Review By Mark PaulHus

Vancouver’s Punk as Fuck is back for another round and this time the compilation is bigger, better and stronger! Volume 2 is packed with 30 hard-hitting blasts from some of Vancouver’s most notorious punk bands. This round VPAF comes out swinging—the first track a direct upper cut from the fine-tuned street punk outfit the Rebel Spell. With the pace set, the hits come hard and fast, pummeling the listener with a barrage of bell ringing punk rock. The track list bobs and weaves through thrash, hardcore, skate, garage, crust, crossover and more, all without a second wasted. It’s no holds barred, and VPAF’s corner is stacked with the city’s most dirty rotten punks; China Creeps, Impeders of Progress, Golers, Mr. Plow, the Jolts and a battalion more are on the card.This 66-minute title bout is fast, loud and deliberately offensive. It will knock you down and help you up, only to knock you down again. It will leave you bloody, sore and asking for more. It will knock you out with a toothless grin across your face, proving once again that Vancouver is still as “Punk as Fuck.”