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The Real McKenzies

Warped Tour Vancouver 1998: NOFX takes the stage for a headlining set before blasting into a tune from one of their many iconic ‘90s albums….

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The Mants

The Mants are coming! The Mants are coming! You can run, but you can’t hide. These extraterrestrial half-man, half-ant creatures will crawl out of your…

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The Binz

The Binz EP by The Binz   From the first buzzing riff of the Binz’s debut EP, it’s evident that these four zealous Vancouverites are…

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The Mandates

S/T by The Mandates   If the Mandates were a slice of pizza, they would be a greasy slab of ham and pineapple: quality New…



The Vancouver music community recently said goodbye to a great friend, Tim McGuinness (Mete Pills, Allstate Champion, Last Plague, Cascabella, Seismic). McGuinness passed away unexpectedly…

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Juvenile Hall

Magazine Collage by Juvenile Hall Juvenile Hall’s first full length is far from a collection of bubble gum pop punk. Magazine Collage is a legitimate…

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Mete Pills

ILL FEET EP by mete pills “This is the sorry sound of four grown men taking one more spin around the block again,” laments Andrew…

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Sex Church

SEX CHURCH Somnambulist 12″ EP by SEX CHURCH Sex Church’s new 12” EP Somnambulist offers up three deep tracks that will pull you close, swaddle…

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Spencer Schoening

Spencer Schoening of Juno Award-winning indie rock band Said The Whale somehow found time in his busy touring schedule to step out from behind his…

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Nun Un

NUN UN II by NUN UN The chainsaw guitar tone and demonic back up vocals of “Lineage” thrust up through the mud like an undead…