Under Review

Nun Un

Nun Un II


by Mark PaulHus

Nun Un - Nun Un II

The chainsaw guitar tone and demonic back up vocals of “Lineage” thrust up through the mud like an undead hand, gripping your ankle and pulling you down into a sludgy, dark underworld where “Bone Tribunal” is waiting to crush your ears with primitive beats and desperate vocals.

You try and gasp for breath, but “Recognition Blues” swarms in and smothers you in a stinging cloud, leaving you swollen and battered but just conscious enough for the taunting “Dredge” to penetrate your skin. Sweat drenched and panicked, you look at your watch, and shockingly, barely eight minutes have passed.

Finally, the brazen “Straight Laced” comes in, claws bared, ready to finish you off, but takes mercy mid-mulling and thrusts you out of the darkness, sending you drifting back into consciousness.

Was it a horrible dream or an exhilarating nightmare? Possessed, you turn up the volume, press play again and eagerly wait for Nun Un II to drag you back into the frantic void between no-wave and hardcore.