As I’m sitting in the Brickhouse with Sleuth on an early Saturday night, patrons waiting in line give us and the three tables we’ve occupied…

Redrick Sultan

Trolling for Answers by Redrick Sultan Most bands are reluctant to slap a generic label on their sound, opting instead for a genre-defying title like…


Guns, Sex & Glory by Rococode About 10:02 a.m., Andrew Braun answers his phone: “Hello?” He’s sitting on the couch in his North Van living…

Sizzle Teen Records

New local record label Sizzle Teen Records will be celebrating their launch with a show at the Railway Club on Saturday, February 11. Started up…

Under Review

Nun Un

Nun Un II


Real Live Action


w/ Leviathans, Nam Shub, Drainolith, and Fieldhead


w/ Thee AHs, and The Laser Love Cats Cult.


with Mode Moderne, and Student Teacher.
January 13 @ The Waldorf Hotel.

Bel Riose

with Man Your Horse & The Barcelona Chair.
January 11 @ The Biltmore Cabaret.


w/ Tassels, and //Zoo