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She Divides

Gold EP by She Divides Led by mesmerizing vocalist Tess Roby, accompanied by the musical finesse of bassist Alex Nicol and guitarist Zac Macarthur, She…

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Dylan Rysstad

Harbours by Dylan Rysstad Dylan Rysstad, formerly performing as Dylan Thomas with various backing bands, is back with another folk-influenced album of very well-crafted songs….

Under Review

Rusty Ford

My Truck, My Dog and You by Rusty Ford Does Rusty Ford take off his bolo tie at the end of the day? My Truck,…

Under Review

Kinetic Diction

Make Out Session by Kinetic Diction Local hip hop band, Kinetic Diction, brings all of their creativity and energy to the table with the release…


Textually Active

Ever wondered how to get involved with the underground world of zines and independent culture? Still hung up on wondering what a zine is? Ponder…

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Martyrs by Martyrs Spring reverb, tremolo, and a catchy guitar line. Every album has to start somewhere, and Martyr’s self-titled debut starts out classically. Opener…

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Field Assembly

Narco by Field Assembly Acoustic singer-songwriter projects can be treacherous affairs to assess. Field Assembly’s second release, Narco, is in the positive-yet-confusing position of being…

Under Review

Peer Support

Far From Here by Peer Support If you haven’t heard of them yet, there is no doubt you will, sooner than later. Peer Support’s dreamy…