Under Review

She Divides



Review by Ibrahim Itani

Led by mesmerizing vocalist Tess Roby, accompanied by the musical finesse of bassist Alex Nicol and guitarist Zac Macarthur, She Divides’ first EP will not disappoint. This lo-fi new wave composite projects an ambient, dark and experimental edge, one that I assure will lead you through a euphoric journey.

The musical intricacies of each track, enhanced by the soothing vocals of Roby, cannot be subdued. This arrangement begins with the absorbingly methodical tune of the initial track, “Western Waves,” which eventually delights us with almost a synchronous medley between instrument and vocals. Before long, however, the composition livens with the second track, “Revenir,” luring you in with a rapid pace that perfectly transitions to the unhurried tempo enjoyed in the first track.

With an introduction this blissful, you cannot help but believe the best is to come. This musical journey, conversely, is only on an upward pursuit budding from what’s now before us. The third track, “Gold,” personifies the physical qualities of brilliance through oratory exhilaration. One cannot help but be entranced. If you’ve been left longing for more, the final track will lure you in with a simple jingle. A masterpiece that quickly builds, a mesmerizing duet emphasizes the daydream that Gold has become.

Traversing through blissful hallucinations, your heart will liken to the fullness of a lion’s roar upon experiencing Gold.