Hallow Moon

“There’s something special about feeling connected to the past and present through music.” After opening for an array of revered acts — including the Growlers,…


Something cuts through the near-complete static of Connect_icut’s (alias Samuel Macklin’s) sound. The music is lined with something, often a recurring set of glitchy noise,…

Redrick Sultan

If you aren’t up on the “space folk” music scene, the name Redrick Sultan likely won’t sound familiar. A shame, considering the amount of passion…

The Written Years

There isn’t a lot of information online about the Written Years. They have a Twitter account and a Facebook page, like most musicians well-versed in…


In the absence of performance, recorded music takes on an air of effortlessness. Yet no sound is independent of a source. In reality, the way…

Kubla Khan

“It was at this house party,” Tom Messent, singer and guitarist for local grunge-mod rockers Kubla Khan tells me about the worst show the band…

Under Review

Angel Olsen

Burn Your Fire for No Witness

Rusty Ford

My Truck, My Dog, and You


Real Live Action

The Backhomes

with Sleuth and Zen Mystery Fogg
@ The Railway Club on January 21


with Poor Moon and The Shilohs @ Fortune Sound Club on January 6th