Under Review

Kinetic Diction

Make Out Session


Review by Zach Weiss

Local hip hop band, Kinetic Diction, brings all of their creativity and energy to the table with the release of their debut album, Make Out Session. The crew, consisting of hip hop and electronic veterans T Pick and Mister Staal, creates a short, but powerful album consisting of five very diverse tracks.

The album begins with the song “Get Some,” which acts as an excellent warm-up for things to come. As the album progresses, mesmerizing effects and interesting lyrics establish the bands presence and set the stage for a great finale. The album’s last track, “The Truth,” is when the lyrics get truly meaningful. “This Rap Game” is no joke to these guys, and the song clearly and forcibly states the fact. The confidence displayed in this track and throughout the entire album is enthralling, and leaves the listener wanting more.

To quote, Kinetic Diction is “the crew.” Their album entrances the listener with powerful lyrics, synths, and other electronic effects. So allow yourself to be surrounded by the immense energy this crew delivers, and I promise, you will not be disappointed.