King of the Dot

During the first rap battle I ever saw, Cody the Catch said these two lines: “He’s a pathetic waste of skin with a troubled past…

Big Joy

It has been postulated in the past that Vancouver’s healthy relationship with experimental music is in part due to its unhealthy one with music venues…

Phantoms Again

It’s a chilly November night as I make my way to The Templeton in downtown to interview an up-and-coming band, Phantoms Again. While waiting for…

Little India

It’s difficult to describe Little India without noting the youth brimming at their seams. The three-piece indie-rock band, consisting of Conan Karpinski (vocals/guitar), Andrew Dixon…

Little Wild

Nestled in the basement of Neptoon Records, I meet up with the members of Abbotsford-based rockers Little Wild for an interview. Between road shenanigans and…

Can You SHiNDiG It?

The history of CiTR’s illustrious battle of the bands, Shindig, is shrouded in mystery — appropriate, considering it’s an event that has taken place in…

Under Review

Ape War

Templar (Independent)


Real Live Action


w/ Blues Control

Pop. 1280

w/ Sex Church, Channels 3x4, and Cowards


w/ Molten Lava, Dead Again, and Waingro

Secret Pyramid

w/ No UFO's, Sarah Davachi, and Scant Intone


w/ Tough Age, and Hag Face