Under Review

Days of Heaven

Mark PaulHus

After only a year or so as a band, Vancouver’s Days of Heaven have already managed to put together an EP’s worth of solid songs. A mix of shoegaze, British pop, and a bit of ‘80s post-punk, the five tracks on their self-titled EP are pulled off quite honestly.

Driven by a typical shoegaze tempo, “Karma to Burn” drifts through the speakers as Dave Perry’s airy vocals glide on top of Matthew MacDonald-Bains simple, pleasant riff. “Tonight” begins with a light, jangling riff that fades to the background as Luke Camilleri (who has since left the band) takes up lead vocals. His voice is somewhere in between Morrissey and Paul Banks, the deeper vocals creating a darker tone than the opening track. The light pop returns on “Type II” as Perry returns to the mike, this spacious love song gently floats along. “The Imposition” showcases Jay Lang’s deep bass line and Barnabi Luna’s locked beats. Camilleri picks up the vocals on this on this one, making the track reminiscent of the minimalist side of Joy Division. These are rounded off with the brief, bright “Walk Home,” a more up-tempo track that closes things out well.

With a genre like shoegaze, the production is equally as important as the songwriting and Felix Fung does a fantastic job of catching the sound just right and adding to the legitimacy of the EP. All in all, Days Of Heaven have compiled a great bunch of songs for a first outing and have proved themselves a band to keep an ear out for!