Under Review

Young Braised

Japanese Tendencies (1080p)


Review by Ibrahim Itani

Sit down and indulge in seven tracks of lo-fi, goofy, and inventive goodness. Young Braised delivers an EP ebbing refreshed character backed by the genius of Japanese producer Terio. I urge you to let this composition ensue, finding nothing less than 20 minutes of lyrical refreshment to follow. As per the wishes of the artist himself, remember to blast this EP alone through an amplifying device of preference at outrageously high volumes.

An ode to nihilistic author Murakami, the initial track rightfully named “Murakami” sets the mood for the rest of the songs. Its soothing background vocals, reverbed audio and inconsistent ad-libs create an intriguing oratory journey. The upbeat hip hop dream pattern harnesses your consciousness and before you know it the beat drops and you’re for the first time exposed to the lyrical genius of Young Braised. But before you’ve had enough, police sirens motioning the introduction of Pepperboy begins, one of the many featured artists that add to the diverse musical journey that accompany these tracks. At this point, our minds are hungry for more of not only the lo-fi medleys of Terio but also the stimulating lyrics of Braised. Fulfilled, through Japanese samplings, ambient vocal accompaniment, and comic references to Blink-182, the final track lingers on a heterogeneous mix that sporadically blasts the listener with bursts of experience.

Japanese Tendencies mirrors the journey of an isolationist in an unsystematic journey that yields a wonderfully messy oratory experience.