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Peer Support

Far From Here


Review by Josefa Cameron

If you haven’t heard of them yet, there is no doubt you will, sooner than later. Peer Support’s dreamy EP, Far From Here, a sudden and pleasant surprise, bubbled amidst the beige prairies and the dirty flood of Calgary. Listening to their new release, you’d think the five-piece spend their time skateboarding on Venice Beach or surfing Malibu.

The uplifting, dream drenched “Island” push starts the six-track release, taking the listener through a trip of pasty-coloured guitar twirls and beautiful female vocals. The driving guitar work and rumbling drums of “Nonchalant” resembles a female-fronted Spiritualized. The lyrics evoke within the listener an alluring nostalgia and a freeing, airy emotion. A mix of lo-fi dream pop and garage indie fades the line between the genres as rock-out banger “Panger” drifts into a haunting “Forest Burn” with both sinister female and sexy male vocals.

The bass drills throughout the entire EP like a droning rap backbeat with effects similar to that of Hibou and the drums shatter the expectations of the listener, only to get the head bobbing to the catchy rhythm. In short, Peer Support is like chillwave played with actual instruments, surf-dream pop but emerging from inland Canada, and a perfect midsummer’s listen. I’d term it free wave.

If you happen to be road tripping, sailing, skateboarding, or simply doing your dishes within the near future, I’d advise you to put on this EP — you’ll find yourself smiling and singing along in moments.