Kyle Bottom

“I do stand-up, I work at my job, and I play League of Legends. That’s me in a nutshell,” says Kyle Bottom, quite bluntly. The…


“There’s a big step up in quality, it’s not as gritty … or as shitty.”

Napkin Records

“Damn hippies,” I hear a barfly mumble from his stool as a dozen young musicians and artists pour in through the front doors of Pat’s…


It’s one of those Saturday afternoons when the weather just can’t seem to get its act together — the sun peeks out on occasion, but…

Rain City Recorders

Jesse Gander is undoubtedly one of Vancouver’s best independent recording engineers. He’s the kind of person who, despite the impressive resume that he’s built over…

Fringe Bar

An actor, a musician, and a dancer walk into the Fringe Bar — the rest is unpredictable. Before you judge this article based solely on…

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Sine Studies 1


Life’s Nutso   (Independent)


Real Live Action


w/ Diane, and Cult Babies