by Mark PaulHus

illustration by Britta Bacchus
illustration by Britta Bacchus

The Vancouver music community recently said goodbye to a great friend, Tim McGuinness (Mete Pills, Allstate Champion, Last Plague, Cascabella, Seismic). McGuinness passed away unexpectedly on May 20, leaving behind a trail of heavy hearts. McGuinness was well-known and loved, especially in the punk and hardcore scenes; a jovial, friendly character, who always seemed happy to see you and seemed to know everybody. Music was McGuinness’s life; he was always a proud ambassador of Vancouver music whether boasting the greatness of bands he grew up with, like Sparkmarker and BNU, or eagerly checking out current local favorites and upstarts.

  The only thing he loved more than watching a good band was being on stage with a guitar strapped to his shoulder. As soon he began playing, he was a man happily possessed, giving himself to every note, unable to stand still as he was consumed by the riffs he created. McGuinness was a passionate musician, dedicated to whatever project he was a part of, eager to create, and constantly striving for perfection. While McGuinness unabashedly wore his influences on his sleeve, over the years he managed to bring them together with his own ideas to create a unique guitar sound that culminated in his work with Mete Pills. His resonant, atmospheric riffs became an extension of his being and though he may be gone, he will live on in his music.

  Goodbye Tim. Though we miss you dearly, we will always have the terrific memories and your transcendent riffs. We can find peace in knowing that if there is a rock ‘n’ roll heaven, you have already started a band.