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The Binz

The Binz   (Rocktagon Recordings)

Review by Mark Paulhus

From the first buzzing riff of the Binz’s debut EP, it’s evident that these four zealous Vancouverites are on a mission to blast into your head and claim your soul. The initiation to this manic rite begins with “Arms Race,” a minute and fifteen seconds of swirling guitars, rock solid rhythm, and fire-and-brimstone vocals that will spin your head around so fast that you won’t even see the thicker, darker “Hale-Bop” coming.

Then, right when you think you have the Binz figured out, they hit you with the luminous “Forget I Said a Thing,” a dynamic climax that suggests that there is more to these brethren than a handful of predictable chords. The swagger of “Time is Everything” keeps things on the more buoyant side, offering up the hand-raising revival with hips shaking uncontrollably and four sweat-drenched heads thrown back towards the sky.

Finally, the ritual comes to an end with the final paramount sermon; “We are the City” is the most compelling and unique song on the EP, the brisk vocals building to possessed howls that merge towards a surprisingly melodic chorus. Together, these five songs are at once a fervent proclamation of the Binz’s sonic mission and a full out punk rock ‘n’ roll assault that will bring you to your knees. There’s no doubt that this EP is only a glimpse of bigger things to come: a band with this much spirit won’t stand down anytime soon.