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The Apples in Stereo

Travellers in Space and Time (Yeproc)

Review By Slavko Bucifal

The Apples in Stereo - Travellers in Space and Time
The Apples in Stereo - Travellers in Space and Time
The quest for the perfect pop song is the Apples in Stereo’s motivation. Their latest offering provides a plethora of melodies that will be stuck inside your head like a late night television jingle. Travellers in Space and Time makes use of all of the clichés and pop motifs available in the stratosphere, and, for the most part, there are a lot of excellent moments. However, parts of the album are plagued by problems. First is the overuse of a vocoder. A few tracks extensively use the harmonized robot voice effect distracting the listener from the otherwise infectious background sounds. The second problem is that at times, Robert Schneider’s voice sounds like it has yet to hit puberty—and there is something about listening to a 10-year-old sing about love and dancing that makes one want to shiver (especially considering that adult is bald, rather burly and has a beard). Thankfully, Schneider’s voice magically matures throughout the album sounding more like a Davie Jones sort of thing. Barring those two somewhat minor details, there is definitely perfect pop to be found here. Look no further than “No One in the World” for a catchy horn section and a great pop melody. “Dignified Dignitary” is a great example on the appropriate uses of a cow bell and the correct placement of “ooh ooh ooh ooh.” Just try and listen to that one once without humming it for the rest of the day. Truth be told, tracks seven through 15 (out of a possible 16) are as perfectly pop driven as one can get. Though there are a few abnormalities with the various voices and effects, overall, Travellers in Space and Time is a fun album and a must purchase for the retro-pop loving people—just have the skip button handy.