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Unlearn (Deranged)

Review By Sarah Charrouf

This five-track, 45 RPM seven-inch sounds more like Disclose or Anti Cimex than it does four young drunk punks from Vancouver. There is so much force and aggression in this record; nothing is slowed down and nothing is easy about it. It’s hard and fast and indigestible d-beat, fronted by the angry Sam Risser.

This is Unlearn’s first record, but not their first release. They’ve put out two cassettes, Demo I and Demo II, and they’re currently in Portland recording an LP. It’s a good thing they’re busy working on the next record, because this short-but-not-sweet, self-titled seven-inch has been flipped four or five times througout the writing of this review.

The cover art reflects the title of the second track “Landscapes of Deprivation,” wherein images of war, violence, and bodies in trenches are pasted together. The lyrics speak of “feeble masses” (“Into The Dark Age”), “pawns in their power games” (“Used + Killed”), and modern life as a “forced blind march” (“Death Comes To You”). Unlearn isn’t fooled by the façade of peace and prosperity that affluent North Americans convince themselves of, but rather, they are concerned by the ideological and physical wars fought in order to obtain such an image.