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The Chemical Brothers

Further (Parlophone)

Review By Adam Mannegren

Chemical Brothers - Further
Chemical Brothers - Further

The Devil Is In the Beats

The Chemical Brothers are truly veterans of the electronic music scene. With almost 20 years behind them, Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons have transformed both their own sound and the entire dance music landscape. Their seventh studio album Further does not stay close to the big beat sound that made them huge, but instead takes listeners into the psychedelic realm that the Brothers are fond of. The album showcases some electro, a bit of an indie rock vibe, and a whole lot of distorted synthesizers, though hardly any guest appearances. What is especially refreshing about Further is that it really feels like an album instead of just a collection of singles. Tracks blend and weave together for a solid 52 minutes. They’ve used the whole album length as a canvas, which allows for impressive creative control. The first track “Snow” climbs to almost epic heights, in effect a huge intro before the kick-snare combo starts in in “Escape Velocity,” one of the album’s singles. Look out for “Horse Power”, which is a dark Detroit techno romp, with sampled horse neighing. Yup. Rich layers of distorted, classic synthesizer sound fill the album in a bubbling mass. Overall Further is a good showing from the Chemical Brothers, though not what most people will expect from them. Then again, twenty years in the scene surely gives them some creative license and of that, they took advantage.