Under Review

The Delgados

Universal Audio (Chemical Underground)

Review By Soren Bros.

I think the Delgados were pretty accurate to describe this as their “pop” album. It’s similar to the rock of Peloton, but without the somewhat sinister sound. As song titles “Is This All that I came For” and “The City Consumes Us” suggest, this isn’t exactly a feel-good album either, but it follows in the footsteps of Hate with happy songs put off balance by depressing lyrics. Also in typical Delgados fashion (at least as far as my experience has served me) it’s an album that’s only slightly interesting on first listen, with just a couple songs that are immediate enough to attract more listens (“Girls of Valour”, and “Keep on Breathing” in this case). After 4 or 5 times through, though, it becomes the best Delgados album ever, and you wonder why no one else understands them as well as you do.