Real Live Action

The Dears

November 29 @ Picadilly Pub

Review By Robin Fisher

photo by Michelle Furbacher
photo by Michelle Furbacher
I went to this show just to see the Dears. No other reason. How great the Dears were. They didn’t play my favourite song, but they did make me want to buy their new CD. I had heard the CD a couple of times and wasn’t so impressed. But now I love it. And I’m glad they played a couple of the songs from it that evening. I’m glad they convinced me. It was weird seeing so many people crowded up on that stage. It was utterly wonderful seeing a flute, organ, guitar, drums, and the kitchen sink. They incorporate it all so well. This is a wonderful band.

I took my boyfriend who didn’t like the CD but was instantly converted after the show. He maintains that they sound way better live.
They have the best lead singer ever; kind of ‘60s, a little like Morrissey. Super-dramatic with his delivery, he made me feel like I should be wasting my day, staring in the windows of Tiffany’s. It’s music to listen to at the end of the world. It made me want to make out with my boyfriend. I love this band.
I listen to them incessantly and I was ecstatic when I found out they were going to play here. I was sort of surprised to see so many people there. But they cleared out fairly soon and I had more than enough room to bop around in. I can’t explain it, listening to them live just filled me with glee. The venue was perfectly intimate.

If you’re reading this because you were there, you don’t need me to tell you how great it was. If you’re reading this ‘cause you’re curious about the music, just go buy End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story. And if you’re reading this because you kind of regret missing the show, I know your pain. Soul Coughing at the Starfish Room four years ago.