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with Vincent Parker, November 28 @ Biltmore Cabaret

Review By Nathaniel Bryce

Woodhands, photo by Felix Chang
Woodhands, photo by Felix Chang
Man, the staff at the Biltmore sure doesn’t mess around when it comes to their curfew. Though heading home at a decent hour after a gig can be favourable, being herded out the door like cattle feels a little weird. But I suppose that’s a small price to pay for catching a show by a band that pretty much destroys. The dudes in Woodhands never fail to bring it, and on this night the packed Biltmore was treated to a dose of incredible dance-pop goodness. Playing a lot of material from Heart Attack and a few tracks off the soon to be released Remorsecapade, Dan Werb and Paul Banwatt played with such love and dedication to their craft and fans that even when the snare drum broke, they soldiered on while a friend went out to pick up a new drum head. This band has so much fun energy and their tunes are shit-tight! If ever the chance arises, don’t miss out on seeing them live.

Opening was experimental electronic DJ Vincent Parker, an explosive young fellow with tons of talent in his fingertips. Using a laptop and some mixing equipment that made the music go all wonky, and backed by some fantastically cued visuals of old movie reels, video game characters and the cast of You Can’t Do That On Television getting green slimed, [ed. I thought it was from the YTV gameshow Uh Oh!, but it was definitely people being slimed.] Parker pulled off a glitchy, beat-heavy set with his humble bank of electronics, resulting in a mad spastic dance that had him reeling and rollicking all over the stage. It was obvious that he enjoys what he does and by the halfway point he had a few people up and enjoying themselves as crazily as he was. Aside from the early curfew after the headliners, nothing was about to dampen this spazz party, and a fantastic party it was!