Under Review

Tim The Mute

Song 7-inch (Kingfisher Bluez)

Review by Fraser Dobbs

Tim The Mute is nothing if not prolific. Also known as Tim Clapp, the entrepreneur responsible for the record label Kingfisher Bluez, he has had a hand in releasing nearly 30 local albums on vinyl. Song, another in a long line of seven-inch singles from KFB, sees Clapp and his acoustic guitar spitting out three lowest-of-the-lo-fi Vancouver odes.

  This 45 serves up painstakingly personal performances through the diaphragm of an iPhone mic, and the results have the listener peeking in on a very intimate bedroom recording session.

  All three tracks — “Song,” “How You Might Have Lived,” and “The First Three Months” — seem to be about girls, but whether it’s the same girl being longed for in each song, Clapp doesn’t say. According to the lyrics in “Song,” they could all be about you.