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Tight Solid

Walk it Off (Independent)

Review By Mark PaulHus

Tight Solid - Walk it Off
Tight Solid - Walk it Off

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Walk it Off, the first release from Vancouver trio Tight Solid, sounds like something that came out of the Pacific Northwest in the late ‘80s or early ‘90s. This is grunge in its purest form; we’re talking pre- “Teen Spirit” entry-level grunge. The only thing that would make Walk it Off more authentic is if it was released on cassette with a photocopied cover, or maybe vinyl, but only if it was pressed one copy at a time in someone’s basement. Burnside (Treacherous Machete), Shmoo Ritchee (the Organ) and Ryan Walter Wagner (the WPP) have compiled nine tracks of raw and honest rock and roll full driven by punk ethos. The opening track “Ode to the Devil” is a dark journey guided by trashy riffs and a driving rhythm that push you off a cliff into a sludgy bridge. “She’s So In Control” finds itself somewhere between the Stooges and Danzig era Misfits. Things wind down a bit for the short and sweet love ballad “A Great Love,” but quickly crank back up for the hardcore blast “The ‘70s in Quebec”. Walk it Off is a genuine collection of rock and roll songs that are both tight and solid and reminiscent of the last true movement in popular music.