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The Heavy

The House That Dirt Built (Ninja Tune)

Review By Nathaniel Bryce

Just upwind of Bath, England, in a little wooded hamlet called Noid comes the Heavy, a guitar-heavy, hip-hop soul outfit that takes the dirty end of its genre and makes it dirtier. As filthy as it may be, it just makes you want to drop down and roll around in it. Drawing influence from reggae, hip-hop and all things R&B, The House That Dirt Built injects a healthy portion of distorted guitar rock favouritism and soulful sexy licks into the mix, making for music that sounds like lust-crazed desperado waiting to explode. It’s smart and self-assured in body, with a sinister aftertaste, but not in a juvenile, rude boy kind of way. Singer Kelvin Swaby’s voice is reminiscent of Prince, while guitarist Daniel Taylor digs deep and pulls riffs from the P-Funk and Motown charts. Bottom heavy and lofi with an authentic vintage-quality feel, this isn’t so much of a nasty soul revival as it is a greasy morning-after wake-up call. The Heavy sound as if ten different genres of music got pasted together, making for a truly unique rock-and-roll experience. While it might be too dirty for your taste, in no time it’ll pull you in for a wild date, making off with your knickers and conservative sensibilities.