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The Holey Sheets

The Holey Sheets (Independent)

by Alexandra de Boer

The Holey Sheets - The Holey Sheets cover

  With Halloween creeping around the bend, local group Philoceraptor have gotten together with their friends to form the seasonally-themed Holey Sheets. Along with members of Blood Diamonds, Humans, Blanche Devereaux and many more, they’ve created the holiday sound piece “BOO (Spooky Indie Halloween 2011),” with all proceeds being generously donated to UNICEF. A track suited for haunted house enthusiasts, “BOO” is a ghoulish hybrid between a song and a scare. Lurking somewhere within the distorted echoing chords, the crashing, the moaning and the tapping feet of the listener’s imagination, lies a narrative of escape. Framed by desperate breathing, the suggestion of a staggering getaway from some old castle or sinister cemetery looms large in this piece. Such spooky authenticity makes “BOO” a haunting audio track, wholly dedicated to the art of holiday fright.

  A second Halloween howl by the Holey Sheets, with Oh No! Yoko’s Everett Morris on vocals, adopts a different approach, while remaining equally festive and charitable. To put simply, “Razorblades in Apples” is a bouncy pop tune warning of the perils of candy lust. In this Halloween Hansel-and-Gretel tale, the Holey Sheets have done a fine job of coupling season-specific lyrics with a more broadly appealing musical tone. This nostalgic telling of a time when “tricks were treats” is smoothly worded and sung. That being said, when the chorus goes by, like someone wearing a truly scary costume, it’s definitely worth a double-take.