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Twin Crystals

Child Life (Self-Released)

Review By Sarah Charrouf

Jesse Taylor, Jordan Alexander and Jeremiah Haywood, who comprise the local band Twin Crystals, have recently recorded and self-released their twentieth(ish) album Child Life. This album can be had on cassette or as a digital download. The noise inspired punk band has recorded prolifically, and this is the latest taste to their always-evolving sound.

Though they’ve released 20 albums now, many are splits and a few more are recorded from live shows. Some of their older recordings have a spacey dance to them, feel, something like guitar-keyboardist Taylor’s other band Channels 3×4, but Child Life is definitely more reminiscent of old L.A. punk. Think Wipers meets a toned-down Ex Models (they’re recent, it’s true) with lo-fi male vocals.

Anxious and scattered, but altogether fluid, Twin Crystals hits so many levels. There’s grunginess to the guitar and keyboard and nostalgia to the vocals that nearly recede into the background while Alexander furiously sweats over the drums. Their recordings are true to their live sound, and are just as good. Child Life is a rad addition to the Twin Crystals discography, and Twin Crystals is a prominent part of the Vancouver punk scene that you really should hear, if you haven’t already.