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The Russian Futurists

Me, Myself & Rye [Memphis Industries]

Review By Jordie Sparkle

Adam Matthew Hart’s indie-pop project has put out three albums that all contain a few stand out tracks. Unfortunately, the remainder of these albums tend to be made up of filler-ish material that makes the actual albums not really worth owning. Few bands are in need of a “Best of” as much as this band was. This compilation of the best tracks from previous albums is not for the devoted fan who already owns everything the Futurists have put out. There’s nothing new for you here.

However, if you held out on previous Futurists endeavours, for aforementioned reasons or simply out of ignorance, this album is an excellent purchase. Taking the high points of previous albums, this compilation brings together the happy good times of synth-dripping indie-pop choirs that make Hart’s music so notable. It cuts the fat of previous albums, strips the song choices down to the essentials and delivers pretty much everything you could want from the band.
This album is also an excellent entry point for you if you’re unfamiliar with the band and have been convinced by favourable write-ups of their upbeat choral synth-pop. In fact, it’s the only Russian Futurists album you need.