Under Review

Vincent Parker

RESPECANIZE part one (Independent)

by Kamil Krawczyk

Vincent Parker - Respecanize part one

  This album is dirty. Proverbially dirty, of course – Vincent Parker’s newest release is oozing with style, substance, and sheer electronic filth. RESPECANIZE part one is a haunting and volatile journey through some perverted ethereal synthetic machine, twisting and churning the ears of any listener into a fuzzy, discordant mess.

  Parker makes some dark, deep, ambient techno that screeches and burns yet soothes and sings. It’s an interesting clash of nonsense and fantastic rhythm – a successful tour de musique – without forming a “niche” group of listeners. The album’s opener “Cyrilian” may deter certain listeners with its initial fluctuation of heavy bass and perfect percussion, but those who venture further into RESPECANIZE and its mysterious nature will surely be pleased by the sheer variety of tones and arrangements Parker puts out in his step sequencer of choice.

  The album’s final two tracks, “Slither” and “Live No Lie,” are the album’s high point, perfectly closing the effort with an undeniable catchiness. Despite being generally slower on the front-half of the release, Parker packs a punch for the last stretch of the album with a far more satisfying array of synthetic squeals.

  Parker’s outdone himself with this RESPECANIZE part one. For those looking to grind their ears with assaulting bass, or those simply wanting to dance and transcend into an electronic abyss, it’s a fantastic example of ambient and experimental techno done right.