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The Subhumans

New Dark Age Parade (G7 Welcoming Committee)

Review By Merch Girl

The Subhumans are still telling it like it is. In the 10 years since they last put out a record, punk music has taken a turn for the worse. It’s crap, really—mostly a bunch of whiney songs about ex-girlfriends, and giant tours sponsored by skate-shoe companies, with the occasional “Oi! Oi!” thrown in for authenticity. Especially with the recent closing of CBGB’s in New York, an even darker age has fallen on hardcore. Thank God the Subhumans remember punk the way it was intended.Original band members, ex-con Gerry Hannah on bass, Mike Graham on guitar, and Brian ‘Wimpy Roy’ on vocals, plus D.O.A/SNFU alumnus Jon Card on drums, are back on a New Dark Age Parade, facing up to Vancouver’s rampant poverty, brainwashing celebrity culture, and a world at war. Considering they’ve had more than 25 years to evolve as songwriters, the band might even be better at it now than when they started.
In the volatile political climate we live in, where music is an essential voice of the people, The Subhumans are one of the few bands still shouting. A must-have for anyone who remembers the early days, and for all those who want to hear legends still at work.