Real Live Action

The Jolts

with The Courtneys, Nervous Talk, and Tough Age
Burger Records Revolution show
March 8 @ The Electric Owl

Real Live Review by Chris Yee

Where were you on March 8? That day, amongst International Women’s Day and the CiTR Fundrive Finale, the tide of revolution washed up on our shores: the Burger Records Revolution.

A loose series of concerts promoted by the southern Californian cassette and vinyl label — which has released albums by Ty Segall and Vancouver’s own Nü Sensae — the revolution was felt from Tel Aviv to the suburban wilds of Fullerton, CA, the label’s home base. Here on home turf, local purveyors of garage-punk rock ‘n’ roll gathered at the Electric Owl, ready to blast the audience’s ears to smithereens. Oddly enough, none were on Burger’s catalogue — yet, that is.

Tough Age opened, playing its third show ever. Featuring members of Korean Gut and Sightlines, Tough Age dealt gritty, vaguely hardcore-tinged pop, frontman’s Morrissey T-shirt be damned. But the Age like to mix things up, too, and in a change of pace, the second-to-last song was a nod to the band’s previous life as Korean Gut. It took awhile for the crowd to warm up to them, but by the end of the band’s set, they were asking for more.

Throwback punkers Nervous Talk, featuring members of the Ballantynes, Moby Dicks, Timecopz, and Shitty Neighbours, gratified at least some of the audience instantly. Next, the Courtneys charmed by opening with a freestyle rap over real drums and bass, and continued with a set of cool beachy slacker-pop songs about band friends, teen soaps set in southern California, and alien abductions.

Veteran party-punks the Jolts topped off the night with a display of raw power and kicking jams. Though the ensuing final-set insanity was a pretty regular sight, it was still a fun way to end the night.