The Courtneys

“I think we gave more respect to our creative chemistry, by pushing ourselves harder to find the best versions of the songs.”

Real Live Action

Mac Demarco

The Vancouver music scene was ecstatic to have Mac DeMarco back. The first of two Halloween shows, DeMarco’s homecoming tour for his new mini-album Another…

Real Live Action

Khatsahlano Festival

Currently, the property standing at 1982 West 4th Avenue is listed for sale. The storefront is better known as Zulu Records and it – one…

Real Live Action

Sled Island 2015, Pt. 1

The ten-hour drive to Sled Island was a delightful one, considering I had a mystery bowl from the Tiki lounge the night before and packed…


Did You Die

“Life is only as complicated as you make it,” according to the members of Did You Die. Take their name, for example. Attention-grabbing and direct,…

Real Live Action

1080p Christmas party

Going by the billing for December 12’s Gal Gracen/Watermelon/Courtneys Christmas-themed triple feature at the ANZA Club on certain event listings, one might be forgiven for…


Homegrown Labels

“It’s exciting being on the ground floor of something. I put out White Lung’s first record when they were playing in basements of East Vancouver,…

Real Live Action

Art Bergmann

It’s been two decades since Art Bergmann, who once fronted early Vancouver punk groups The K-Tels and Young Canadians, picked up his guitar and performed…