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The Fugitives

Find Me (Independent)

Review By Adam Mannegren

The Fugitives - Find Me
The Fugitives - Find Me

Vancouver band the Fugitives deliver a new EP with the heart-strings-tugging conceptual theme of people in solitude and isolation. “Find Me” is soaked in folk-feel and Canadiana, with touches of gypsy flair: banjos, mandolins and accordions all figure into the sad sonic translations of loneliness. The Fugitives got their inspiration from tales in newspapers and overheard conversations, searching for ways to talk, musically, with and about people who seem as distant as anyone could possible be, like the subject of the track titled “To the Man Found in His Apartment Seven Years After His Death.”

The sound of “Find Me” is reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens or Beirut, and the songs are diverse and well balanced. Interweaving spoken word and poetry between and within tracks adds some lyrical heft to the EP. The ironically titled “Music” is a spoken word piece where two of the band members recite some musings on the very nature of music in synchrony.

The Fugitives have been touring all over North America and Europe to much acclaim. Having played at a variety of festivals, they seem to have really gelled as a band and deliver tight, well-composed music that demonstrates great storytelling and lyrical ability. The diverse EP shows creativity and imagination, giving a sampling of the spectrum that the Fugitives are capable of. All round, a solid release.